How to use the food navigator?

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Title:How to use the food navigator?
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27-08-2020 - BG

How to use the food navigator?

Description:What information this calculator gives us.

How to use the food navigator?

Enter the food you want in the field and select one of the quantity options.

The food navigator has a large database from the US Department of Agriculture Food Database. In addition, every registered user of our site will be able to add food in the future by entering the information indicated on its label. Thus, over time we will be able to build a rich database valid for products that are available in other countries.

What information does this calculator give us?

First of all – the amount of calories contained in a particular portion of food.

Once you have determined your daily calorie needs (for example using the calorie calculator), you will already know exactly how many calories you need depending on the desired goals – weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance.

If you still do not know if you are overweight and have not set your individual goals for it, you can visit our body mass index (BMI) calculator, where you will learn more about optimal body weight, underweight and overweight, and obesity.

With the help of the food navigator, you have the opportunity to track the total amount of calories for the day, taken by you with foods and drinks.

In addition to the caloric composition, you will also receive information about the nutritional composition and you will be able to determine the percentage of macronutrients.

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