Diabetes story: All about keto diet and technologies.

Monica Vaklinova

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Title:Diabetes story: All about keto diet and technologies.
Headline:Diabetes story: All about keto diet and technologies.Author:

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Diabetes story: All about keto diet and technologies.

Description:Osob is 30 years old. Living in London, UK. She is a mother of two girls, diagnosed the youngest with type one at the age of 2. She enjoys shopping, makeup and making the most of every good sugar level whilst she can. Osob founds that writing her feelings about hardships with diabetes has helped her deal with the illness.

Diabetes story: All about keto and technologies

Who this story is about?

Osob is 30 years old. Living in London, UK. She is a mother of two girls, diagnosed the youngest with type one at the age of 2. She enjoys shopping, makeup, and making the most of every good sugar level whilst she can. Osob founds that writing her feelings about hardships with diabetes has helped her deal with the illness. Check her whole story!

First Diabetes Experience

Dianurse: How long have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Osob: I have had diabetes for 32 years.

Dianurse: How did you realize it? How did you start your diabetes journey? Osob: I was 2 years at the time of diagnosis. My mum noticed I was drinking a lot and losing weight very fast even though I wasn’t active. She took me to a doctor but I left with painkillers and the doctor told my mum I need to rest. Soon after I went into a coma my mum rushed to the local A&E but she was told to go do another hospital as they didn’t know what it was. As soon as we got to the other hospital the doctor smelt my breath and diagnosed me with type 1 diabetes. I was put on a drip and my mum said she thought I would never wake up until I woke up and you guessed it asked for water the millionth time.

Dianurse: Did you know what diabetes was and how to act with it? Osob: My mum had no idea what diabetes was or what it entitled she had never heard of it.

About biggest fears …

Dianurse: What were your biggest fears at that time? Osob: My mum feared I would go back into a coma or that she would make a mistake and I would die. Having a small person and not knowing where to start and not knowing the language in the country she was living at the time of diagnosis.

How To Manage Diabetes

Dianurse: What’s the best way to manage diabetes, based on your experience? Osob: As an adult, the best way to manage my diabetes is finding out as much as I can about it, what’s available as technology is booming every day there is mind-blowing technology being introduced into the market so figuring out what works for you is the priority. The main thing for me is knowing what I am feeling is totally normal even if those around me don’t understand. Find out what helps you to move on when times get hard, if you need to shout, scream or cry then do it as long as you get up and dust yourself off. I found writing really enabled me to deal with my anger, fear, frustrations as well as that feeling of being unheard or misunderstood.

Dianurse: Tell us more about your lifestyle, diet, and fitness/sport activities? Osob: I am a mother of two girls so have my hands very full they made me stronger and braver. For a long time, I found that exercise is the worst thing ever imaginable as I feared I would hypo, the images in my mind would not allow me to even take a step in a gym. Now wearing a freestyle libre my life has changed I try and go to the gym 5 times a week. Going on a carbohydrate counting course opened my mind I was told I could eat what I want as long as I took the right amount of insulin. Oh, how times have moved on, and oh how I gained weight so now I am doing the keto diet and seeing amazing results in my sugar levels.

Dianurse: What is your favorite dish and why? Osob: My favorite dish is from east Africa it’s called bariis and hilib. Its rice and meat with homemade chili sauce and salad on the side. It literally reminds me of when I was younger and my mum’s cooking.

Dianurse: What would be the best/most effective way to keep your blood sugar in the healthy range, again based on your experience? Osob: I found keto has really helped me keep my sugars in range, not stressing and regular exercise even if it’s just a walk around the shops its counts. I would also say having a network for encouragement, support or just to air your frustrations helps to know that you have someone you can talk to and they won’t judge you because they know exactly what your saying is priceless.

About diabetes and tech

Dianurse: Technology is rapidly penetrating healthcare. There are literally thousands of apps capable to track vital signs of humans, or simply data loggers ( carbs, blood glucose, etc.). What would be the added value of these technology advances for diabetics? How technology can help diabetics to effectively control their diabetes? Osob: Being able to look at what your sugars are doing and being able to make changes at the exact right time is something I never thought possible. Avoiding going hypo before exercise by lowering your insulin needs or just being able to scan with your phone or scanner instead of having to stop sit and check. Having all this stops those future worries or complications and makes life that little bit easier.

Dianurse: What do you think about the constant connectivity that tele-health app brings to both diabetics and healthcare providers? Osob: It can empower the diabetic to actually take charge of their diabetes and ask for help or assistance from their healthcare provider when needed. The healthcare provider can also see first hand where tweaks need to be made for their patient.

About inspiration …

Dianurse: How can you inspire others to take better care of themselves and their diabetes? Osob: I can inspire by listening, encouraging, and guiding them showing them diabetes is hard so we can take those hard times to build us up and learn from it. By not putting on rose-tinted glasses and making it all seems like it’s easy peasy it’s an illness after all so we have to expect at times it’s hard and finding what works for us to build our strengths up is the priority I reckon.


Monica Vaklinova

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Monica is a marketing maanger at Dianurse and a blogger.

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